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Health and Intersex, Trans and Gender Diversity

Diverse Sex and Gender (DSG)


Most LGBTI Australians live healthy, happy lives; however, disproportionate numbers experience worse health outcomes than their non-LGBTI peers in a range of areas, particularly mental health and suicidality (Rosenstreich 2011).  The acronym ‘LGBTI’ is often used but some people perhaps don’t give much thought to the  ‘T’ (Transgender/Transsexual/Trans*) and ‘I’ (Intersex).

The Alliance will be using Intersex, Trans and Gender Diversity instead of the term ‘Diverse Sexes and Genders’ (DSG) to describe intersex, trans/transgender and non-binary gender people. This shift has been made because members of media, government and the public used this term to describe trans/transgender people only. To ensure more consistent inclusion of intersex people and of people who do not identify as women or men, we will henceforth use Intersex, Trans and Gender Diversity (without an acronym).



Recent News:

The Alliance is proud to release a policy on the medical necessity of gender affirmation. Please click here to read our policy statement.



Please click here to download our 'Inclusive Language Guide: Respecting People of Intersex, Trans and Gender Diverse Experience'


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