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The idea of championing a concept or cause in an organisation is not a new one. Champions have often been used to drive change or manage projects. The implementation of an LGBTI champion program has been trialled in some alcohol and drug services and a few mental health services but prior to a pilot project overseen by the Alliance there had been little formal evaluation of the concept either in Australia or internationally.

A review of a number of projects revealed that LGBTI Champions projects had produced positive outcomes in a wide range of settings, and there was interest in seeing how successful this framework would be if applied to the mental health and suicide prevention sector.

In August 2013 the MindOUT! launched the LGBTI Mental Health Champions Pilot Project which was designed to assess how effective champions can be in changing the culture and practices of mental health and suicide prevention organisations to make them more LGBTI inclusive and accessible.

This pilot project facilitated in 11 organisations across Australia has provided an updated understanding of what works best in implementing a LGBTI Champions Project through an evaluation and review of the learnings trialled over 10 months in Australia in 2013-14. An additional 6 project partners joined LGBTI Champions project in 2014.

These project partners have contributed significantly to a more inclusive mental health sector and contributed significantly to our learning about strategies for implementing LGBTI Champions in the mental health and suicide prevention sector.

Champion Project Partners

Championing Inclusion: A Guide to creating LGBTI inclusive organisations

With a significant amount of learnings from the Champions pilot project facilitated by MindOUT! by 2013-14, this resource provides a framework for organisations wishing to instigate a LGBTI Champions project across a diverse range of workplaces and groups, including mental health and suicide prevention services and organisations.

More information on Championing Inclusion: A Guide to creating LGBTI inclusive organisations