MindOUT! Webinars

Network MindOUT Webinar Series

This exciting and innovative series of webinars that critically engages with topics relevant to understanding mental health and suicide prevention for LGBTI people.

In each webinar, the presenter will speak for 40 minutes on a topic pertinent to LGBTI mental health and suicide prevention, followed by a Q&A session.

Webinar participants are able to watch the presenter through a videolink and ask questions via an instant message program.

Webinars are recorded, and are able to be watched at any time. Please note, Due to technical difficulties not all webinars were able to be recorded.

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Date Topic Title Presenter View
28 March 2017 Strategy Implementation Online Panel Discussion: The Progression of LGBTI Populations within Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Strategy, Policy and Programmes

Atari Metcalf

Cristyn Davies

Dr Jude Comfort

14 March 2017 Suicide Prevention An Australian First: Research Factors Related to Suicide Death in LGBT People: Implications for Practice Dr Delaney Skerrett View
7 March 2017 Strategy Implementation An Introduction to the LGBTI Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Strategy Sally Morris & Ross Jacobs View
14 February 2017 Support Groups Facilitating an Anxiety Support Group for LGBTI People Owen O’Neil & Stephanie Hunt View
24 January 2017 Gatekeeper Training Considerations when Providing Mental Health First Aid to an LGBTIQ Person Dr Kathy Bond View
6 December 2016 Intersex Intersex Human Rights: Addressing Harmful Practices and Rhetoric of Change Morgan Carpenter View
23 November 2016 Intersex Understanding Intersex Bonnie Hart View
8 November 2016 Cultural Diversity Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for LGBTIQ people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds Dr Anthony Mordini View
11 October 2016 Autism Spectrum Disorder Sexuality and Gender Diversity in Autism Spectrum Disorder Rita George View
20 September 2016  Alcohol and Drugs  LGBTI People, Alcohol and Drugs and Mental Health  Jeremy Wiggins View 
16 August 2016 Inclusive Practice Supporting Mental Wellbeing of LGBTI People During Contentious Public Debate Sally Morris & Ross Jacobs  View
12 July 2016 Peer Teleweb Counselling The New Q: The Growth of QLife Stella Topaz View
14 June 2016 Rural, Regional and Remote Working with LGBTI People and Communities in Rural, Regional and Remote Areas Starlady View
10 May 2016 Disability Navigating Gay Adulthood with a Disability in a Modern World Thomas Banks View
12 April 2016 Transgender Transgender People and Mental Health Damien Riggs View
15 March 2016 Mental Health Brief Introduction to LGBTI Mental Health Sally Morris View
9 February 2016 Suicide Intervention Including LGBTI People in Suicide Intervention Skills Training Dani Wright-Toussaint View
12 January 2016 Spirituality Sexuality, Gender, Spirituality and Mental Health Matt Glover View
8 December 2015 Suicide Conversations Matter when Discussing Suicide in LGBTI Communities Alexandra Culloden View
3 November 2015 Young People Down the Rascal Hole Jagur McEwan View
8 September 2015 Young People Suicide Prevention with LGBT Young Folk: A National Approach Charlie Willbridge View
9 June 2016 Affirmative Practice Lighting The Fires in Allies Hearts: LGBTI Affirmative Practice Chris Pye View
12 May 2015 Gender  Outside the Binary: Working with Gender Non-Conforming People Mani Mitchel View
15 April 2015 Transgender People Gender Diversity: Responding to Gender Incongruence and/or people who Identify as Transgender Olivia Donaghy View
11 March 2015 Gay Men Emotion Focused Therapy with Gay Men Dr Kieran O’Loughlin View
10 February 2015 Intersections Identities, Intersections and Mental Health Dr Ruth McNair View
11 December 2014 Therapeutic Practice Practicing Wisdom: Reflection, Sharing, and Self-Care Vikki  Sinnot View
5 November 2014 Older People Working Therapeutically with older LGBTI Clients: Continuities and New Issues Dr Daniel Parker View
8 October 2014 Bisexual People All of Us: Bisexual People Speak Up Mary Rawson View
17 September 2014 Practice Wisdom Introduction to Working Therapeutically with LGBTI Clients: A Practice Wisdom Resource  Sally Morris View
17 July 2014 Inclusive Organisations LGBTI Champions: A model for Service Change Sally Morris View
6 May 2014 QLife QLife: A Case Study in Community Action to Improve Mental Health in LGBTI Communities Ross Jacobs View
8 April 2014 Suicide Suicidal Behaviours in LGBTI Communities in Australia Dr Delaney Skerrett View
11 March 2014 Relationships Applying the Cisgenderism Framework to Relationship and Family Therapy: Strategies and Insights for Improving Practice Dr Gavi Ansara View
11 February 2014 Bisexual People Perspectives from the Fence: Working with People who are attracted to more Kathryn Wilson View
 10 December 2013 Gay Men Social and Psychological Determinants of Mental Health in Gay Men Ian Smith View
15 October 2013 Suicide Postvention If I only Knew Why? Suicide Postvention and the LGBTI Community Barry Taylor No Recording available
 10 September 2013 Mental Health Promotion Mental Health Promotion in LGBIT People: A Guide for Action Atari Metcalf View
 20 August 2013 Inclusive Practice Queer and Blue: LGBTI Sensitivity Training for the Mental Health Sector  Liam Leonard View
 9 July 2013 Peer Support Peer Support as a Means of Mental Health Support in LGBTI Communities  Dani Wright-Toussaint View
 14 June 2013 Transgender People Working with Transgender and Gender Questioning Clients Anthony Carlino No recording available
 14 May 2013 Lesbian Women Lesbian Mental Health: the opportunity and the Challenges Ruth McNair View
 16 April 2013 Young People The Opportunities and Challenges in Addressing the Determinants that Affect the Mental Health of LGBTI Young People Terrence Humphreys View
 12 February 2013 Older People Community, Connection and Wellbeing:Promoting and Sustaining our Mental Health in Older Adulthood Dr Daniel Parker  No recording available