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LGBTI Health Update

LGBTI Health Update, Vol.4 No.8, Nov 2014: Ageing & Aged Care

This issue of LGBTI Health Update focuses on Ageing & Aged Care: Ageing and aged care Transgender Victoria (TGV) reflect on the Aged Care Training Project News From Tasmania: Promoting the National Aged Care Training Package Formation of a new LGBTI Carer Services Network UnitingCare – Authentic commitment to LGBTI Communities: Celebrating and Welcoming Diversity… Continue reading LGBTI Health Update, Vol.4 No.8, Nov 2014: Ageing & Aged Care »

Network MindOUT

MindOUT Webinar: Vikki Sinnott, Practicing Wisdom – reflection, sharing, and self-care

“Working Therapeutically with LGBTI Clients: A practice wisdom resource” provides an outline of the theories, approaches and self-reflective skills that current practitioners think are critical to effective therapeutic work. Vikki Sinnott will discuss issues to explore before working with LGBTI clients, and the ways current practitioners can continue to reflect and review their practice.

Champions of inclusivity

Championing Inclusion: A Guide to creating LGBTI inclusive organisations

With a significant amount of learnings from the Champions pilot project facilitated by MindOUT! by 2013-14, this resource provides a framework for organisations wishing to instigate a LGBTI Champions project across a diverse range of workplaces and groups, including mental health and suicide prevention services and organisations.

Network MindOUT

MindOUT Webinar: Daniel Parker, Working therapeutically with LGBTI older adults

In coming years, a higher percentage of LGBTI community members will be older adults—who are various times may be seeking mental health services. Both earlier life experiences with discrimination and stigma, and later life conditions—including views of ageing, chronic health issues, social supports, and economic, work, and retirement issues—may impact the mental health and the treatment needs of LGBTI older adults. this webinar looks at the implications of these trends.

Network MindOUT

MindOUT Webinar: Mary Rawson, All of Us: bisexual people speak up

Four stories (including mine) from people who identify as bisexual. The stories are as diverse as people tend to be, and highlight the highs and lows of coming to terms with a bisexual orientation. I am also presenting a story I wrote about attending my first bichat (characters changed to protect identity.) The stories show that acceptance from others and self acceptance is crucial to maintaining a sense of well being.