MindOUT Webinar: Supporting Mental Wellbeing of LGBTI People During Contentious Public Debate

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Due to technical issues, this webinar is currently unavailable. We are currently working to fix this issue.  Please email sally.morris@lgbtihealth.org.au to be notified when this webinar is available. We apologise for any inconvenience. 


Recently, the lives of LGBTI people have been examined in the Australian media as rarely before, which can border on vilification. This commentary landscape has been primarily focussed on issues of school bullying, marriage equality, transgender people’s access to public bathrooms, parliamentary apologies for past legal wrongs, and how government policy can affect the lived experience of LGBTI people through support or active antagonism.

This presentation focusses on the real impact of media and socio-political discussions on the lives of LGBTI people and communities.

The upcoming Plebiscite on marriage equality will escalate public discussion about LGBTI people’s rights in Australia and has the potential to be highly divisive with these public conflicts impacting on expression, identity and mental health. Services may experience more contact with LGBTI people feeling under attack, and we will share some ideas about how to help in this context.


Ross Jacobs is the National Clinical Director of QLife at the National LGBTI Health Alliance. Ross trained at the University of Melbourne and the Australian College of Applied Psychology, and is currently undertaking a Masters of Public Health with the University of Sydney. 

Sally Morris is the National MindOUT! Project Coordinator, tat the National LGBTI Health Alliance.  With training in human services and a background LGBTI mental health, Sally is currently undertaking a Masters of Development Practice (Community Development) through the University of Queensland.

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