About Silver Rainbow

Silver Rainbow is all about understanding and celebrating the diversity of genders, bodies, sexualities, and relationships of older Australians.

We educate service providers, policy makers, LGBTI people and the general community about how to meet the needs of LGBTI elders. We also help connect LGBTI elders to services and resources. Together we are working to ensure change happens and that aged care services are inclusive. We know that this will result in the best possible health outcomes.

Historically, LGBTI people have a shared experience of discrimination and prejudice. Many LGBTI elders have experienced violence, isolation, and stigma throughout their lives. These elders often do not disclose their identities or histories to services and can remain invisible in the aged care sector and broader community. Sometimes it is not possible to disclose this information due to the design of systems and policies. 

Australia has been the first country to have a National LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care Strategy. Combined with other legal reforms, this has resulted in the ageing and aged care sector being increasingly focused on inclusive practice.

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Samantha Edmonds
Silver Rainbow – National Project Manager

Direct ph: (02) 8568 1130
Mobile: 0499 770 482

Ollie Hand
Silver Rainbow – National Training Project Coordinator 

Direct ph: (02) 8568 1129
Mobile: 0499 770 483

Giverny Lewis
National Coordinator, Training & Education 

Direct ph: (02) 8568 1117

Heath Reed
National Coordinator, Stakeholder Engagement 

Direct ph: (02) 8568 1106

National LGBTI Health Alliance

Office: (02) 8568 1123