Call for Roundtable

Purpose of the Roundtable

The National LGBTI Health Alliance is undertaking a project funded through NDIS via the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Economic Community Participation Disability Grant. The aim of this project is to produce resources for employers within the LGBTI+ sector to promote the hiring of LGBTI+ people with disability.  

The purpose of the Roundtable is to seek insight from the lived experiences of LGBTI+ people with disability to inform better employment practices around hiring LGBTI+ people with disability amongst The Alliance’s membership. 

We will be asking you about the roles that you are seeking to become employed in as well as what you might need to access these employment opportunities.  

The insights gained from thRoundtable will inform the development of a report with a series of recommendations to the LGBTI+ sector in relation to the employment of people with disability. These insights will also inform the production of an employer toolkit which will include policy templates, tip sheets, and good practice examples.  

Selection Criteria

We are hoping to hear from people from the following demographic groups:  

  • Rural and urban geographic locations 
  • Diverse gender identities 
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse 
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander identified people 

How to Apply 

Those wanting to participate should email us:  

  • Your name and contact details  
  • A brief outline about why you would like to be involved in the discussion  
  • Please indicate if you would like to attend face to face or through video- link 

Please note, if you are unable to apply in writing, you can also apply over the phone.  

Proposed Process  

  • Expressions of Interest sought from the community  
  • The project team selection process will be primarily based on capturing a diverse cross -section of the community.  
  • EOIs will be assessed by the project team and successful nominees will be contacted. 
  • Unsuccessful nominees will also be informed of the outcome.  

The National LGBTI Health Alliance encourages LGBTI+ people with disability from across Australia to apply and will cover the expenses associated with participant travel and accommodation. Participants will also be paid a fee for each meeting.  


You will be paid $160.00 for your participation in the meeting. If you are attending a face to face meeting, the Alliance will arrange to cover your travel costs, meal allowances and accommodation if you are travelling from interstate. More information will be provided to you about this after you apply.  

Meeting Date  

Date: 21st February 2020  

Location: Sydney Metro area  

Roundtable 1: Face to Face in Sydney 10am-12pm  

Roundtable 2: Online Meeting 2pm-4pm via Video Link 


Please send your expression of interest to:  

Hannah Morgan 


Phone: (02) 8568 1129  

Application close on 05/02/2020