Member Survey: Census 2021

If you would like assistance completing this survey, please call (02) 8568 1123 or email

  • To begin this survey, please use the space below to tell us a little about the communities or populations that you work with and the type of work that you do.

  • How might an LGBTI inclusive Census benefit your work?

    You might like to consider the following factors in your response: decision making, future planning, program analysis, inclusive policy advocacy, service provision, research and the value of mapping population data over time.

  • How might an LGBTI inclusive Census benefit the populations that you support?

    You might like to consider the benefits of combining LGBTI inclusive data with other Census data (e.g. postcode, income, age, culture)?

  • Where do you find the LGBTI-related data you currently use in your/your organisation’s work? Is this data sufficient? How is it not sufficient?
  • Do you have suggestions on how to address the privacy concerns people have about completing questions on sexual orientation, gender identity and variations in sex characteristics in the Census?
  • The ABS is concerned that people will not fill in these questions properly because they are intrusive, offensive, controversial or hard to understand. What would you like the ABS to know about these concerns about ‘data quality’?
  • How would you argue to the ABS that counting LGBTI people in the census is more important than their concerns about the cost and ‘complexity’ of LGBTI-inclusive topics?
  • On a personal note, in the space below please tell us what was it like to complete the 2016 census. Were you able to accurately represent your life and experiences?
  • Please use this space to share any further comments you may wish to contribute.