Consultation: Call for feedback on ‘National Statement of Principles for Child Safe Organisations’

The Australian Human Rights Commission has drafted a National Statement of Principles for Child Safe Organisations. We need your input on the draft.

This is an opportunity to help ensure that organisations around Australia are inclusive, safe, and accessible for all children and families.

The goal is to build child-safe cultures in all organisational settings to advance the safety and wellbeing of children and young people across Australia.


More information: Click here to download a full copy of the Draft National Principles [PDF] / Please respond by C.O.B 28 January 2018

This survey will take 15-25 minutes to complete. Please feel welcome to respond in detail if needed. 

  • What is your feedback on the content, look and feel of the principles for the population groups you represent?
  • Are you aware of any research regarding how best to engage with the communities that you work with? If so, please describe below.
  • Which principles, actions or indicators most important for your service users?
  • How would a child safe organisation best recognise and respond to the specific needs of the consumers that you represent?
  • What kinds of engagement strategies would work best for organisations in your sector?
  • How might your organisation help consumers to become aware of the National Statement of Principles, what this might mean for them, and what they should expect of Child Safe Organisations?
  • Are there specific tools, resources or information that you know of that already exist to assist organisations to better understand and work with the needs of LGBTI people and communities?
  • Are there specific tools, resources or information that you think would assist organisations to implement the Principles but that are not yet readily available?
  • Do you have any other feedback you may wish to share?