Developing a national LGBTIQ Disability Strategy – A national consultation


Important announcement: The NDIA have decided to re-design this consultation process. The Lived Experience Forum has been postponed. 

We will use this space to keep you informed about next steps in this consultation.

• 07/04/2017: NDIA announces proposed next steps:

You will recall that two weeks ago the NDIA made a commitment to you that we would be back in touch to share with you the next steps in developing the LGBTIQ Strategy. Today we are pleased to confirm that we have made really good progress and are now in a position to outline those steps. Again we would like to thank all members of the LGBTIQ communities who have contributed through completion of the questionnaire, and those who have contributed to wider conversations. We are grateful for your patience and also your commitment to working with us to achieve the development of a relevant and engaging strategy that addresses the unique needs of your communities.

The NDIA believes that in order to develop the best possible Strategy three things need to happen.

Firstly, consistent with our early thinking we continue to hold the view that engaging face to face with LGBTIQ people with the lived experience of disability is essential. We are very pleased to advise that as such the workshop that was originally proposed for March will go ahead. This will occur in May. We will review the expressions of interest and notify participants with a view to holding the workshop in early to mid- May.

Secondly, engaging with organisations and peak bodies that work in the LGBTIQ and disability sectors will add significant value to strategy development and this also needs to occur. The information gathered from the first workshop will help to form the basis of a workshop to be held with the wider ‘sectors’. A small group of disability and LGBTIQ organisations will be invited to attend this workshop. This workshop will occur in late May early June.

The third and final step will be for the information that has been gathered through the online survey process to be considered throughout the Strategy development process. The NDIA will gather this survey information and other research that is available and use both data streams to inform the strategy. The survey information is particularly important to us as it does provide a wider lived experience voice in the process.

We note that all three of the steps outlined above will see the Agency working with and listening to stakeholders and LGBTIQ communities members. We are proposing to have the draft strategy completed by the end of July. While this is our goal should the consultation schedule outlined above be delayed the draft may also be delayed as we are committed to ensuring that the strategy reflects the breadth and depth of consultation that it deserves.

We thank you for your participation and patience and we look forward to your participation throughout the development of the Strategy. We will continue to keep you informed of our progress in the coming weeks.

Mark Rosser
Acting Director Scheme Strategies
Scheme Practice Approaches
Participants and Planning
National Disability Insurance Agency


• 23/03/2017: Please click here to read a letter from the National Disability Insurance Agency about their decision.



  • Are you an LGBTIQ* person living with disability?
  • Are you the intimate partner/carer for an LGBTIQ person living with disability?
  • Would you like to ensure your lived experience contributes to guiding the work of the National Disability Insurance Agency [NDIA] into the future?

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, or Queer

How to get involved:  
Step One: Click here to complete the online survey (survey closed 31/03/2017) 
Step Two: Share this page with your friends!
Step Three: Stay tuned for news of next steps in this consultation process. 


About the Consultation

The LGBTI Health Alliance, in partnership with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), is conducting a nationwide consultation that will contribute to the development of an LGBTIQ Strategy. This Strategy will guide the work of the NDIA in the coming years and help to ensure that LGBTIQ people and communities can access and benefit from the National Disability Insurance Scheme [NDIS].

Inquiries: If you have questions about this consultation please contact or call us on (02) 8568 1123