EOI Co-design team: Economic Participation (ILC) Project

The National LGBTI Health Alliance is undertaking a project funded through NDIS via the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Economic Community Participation Disability Grant. The aim of this project is to produce resources for employers within the LGBTI+ sector to promote the hiring of LGBTI+ people with disability.

The purpose of the co-design team is to seek insight from the lived experiences of LGBTI+ people with disability to inform better employment practices around hiring LGBTI+ people with disability amongst The Alliance’s membership.

The insights gained from the co-design team will inform the development of a report with a series of recommendations to the LGBTI+ sector in relation to the employment of people with disability. These insights will also inform the production of an employer toolkit which will include policy templates, tip sheets, and good practice examples.

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