NAIDOC Week Organisation: Indigilez

As part of NAIDOC Week 2017 the Alliance is celebrating some amazing organisations who do awe inspiring work across Australia and the Torres Strait. Please take a moment to learn about their work and listen to their stories and needs. 


Indigilez: Leadership and Support for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Lesbians and Same Sex Attracted Women. 

Founded in 2008 IndigiLez Leadership and Support Group is a community organisation that encourages and supports the health and well being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lesbians and same sex attracted women – ‘a minority within a minority’. 

Indigilez provides a culturally safe, friendly environment by encouraging & fostering women to speak their hopes & dreams. 

Despite being unfunded, Indigilez has been able to provide retreats, safe sex workshops, family days, yarning circles, and leadership programs to many women. They have also been important contributors to the Health in Difference conference series in the past. 

In their own words: 

It is important to recognise that colonisation plays an integral part in our oppression, not only as lesbians but as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.  As Indigenous lesbians we are a minority within a minority within a minority, we’re black, we’re women and we identify as lesbian or being same sex attracted women. 

Indigenous lesbians encounter a range of problems including discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia), domestic violence, homelessness, victimization and mental health symptoms (to name a few). As Aboriginal and Islander people we rely heavily on strong connections to country and family.  This is an integral role in the well being of us.  We also rely heavily on this connection to help us overcome a lot of obstacles throughout our life. 

We are big fans of Indigilez and the incredibly important work that they do for their communities. 

For more information check out their website or contact them below: 

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