MEDIA STATEMENT: National LGBTI Health Alliance recognises impact of trauma on those affected by the bushfire crisis

8 January 2020

The National LGBTI Health Alliance (the Alliance), the national peak health organisation in Australia for organisations and individuals that provide health-related programs, services and research focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people is concerned for the wellbeing of LGBTI people and communities during the bushfire crisis.  

The Alliance recognises that across Australia many people have lost their homes, been injured, lost their animals and that lives have been lost as a result of the ongoing bushfire crisis.

Nicky Bath, Executive Director of the Alliance, said: “We know that Christmas and the New Year are challenging times for many LGBTI people and that the impact of the bushfires will only have exacerbated people’s experiences of trauma and increased the need to access support.”

“We ask that all services providing emergency relief and support remain mindful of the needs of LGBTI people and that LGBTI people who are impacted by the bushfires come forward and seek the support that they need.”

The Alliance encourages community members to reach out to the QLife service, which provides Australia-wide anonymous, LGBTI peer support and referral. The service is free and includes both telephone and webchat support, delivered by trained LGBTI community members across the country. QLife services are for LGBTI individuals, their friends and families, and health professionals in Australia. Beyond the telephone, QLife offers webchat for people who prefer online interactions or for whom the phone is impractical. The QLife website also has a referral directory of LGBTI services across Australia.

The Alliance recognises and applauds the amazing community initiatives that are happening across Australia to support people at this challenging time. People are showing how kind, generous and considerate we are as a nation. From people organising to link people to accommodation, Facebook support groups being established to donations and reaching out to each other, we can be really proud of how everyone is joining together to support those in need.

“It is really important that our communities reach out for support. There are services for you across the country and we are all there for you. You are not alone so please seek the support that you need and remember that QLife is there 3.00pm to midnight each and every day,” Nicky Bath concluded.


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Resource: Referral source for coping with fire crisis

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