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The National LGBTI Health Alliance is a membership directed organisation.

Our members are central to the work that we do to help improve the health & wellbeing of LGBTI people throughout Australia. The diversity and dynamism of our members ensures innovative collaborations and dynamic cross-sector partnerships.

Together we are the peak body for LGBTI health & wellbeing in Australia. 

Organisations and individuals are welcome to apply for membership at any time. Please use the form below to find the right membership for you. If you have any questions about the possibility of joining the LGBTI Health Alliance please contact 

Guiding Principles of the LGBTI Health Alliance:

Organisations and individuals who are members of the Alliance are respectful of each other’s differences and the ways in which we work. Organisations who are members of the Alliance operate in the perceived best interest of the communities with which they work in that;

  • health consumers are empowered to control their health needs;
  • organisations act from within a framework that supports self-determination;
  • organisations operate within a framework of genuine stakeholder engagement;
  • organisations operate in a ways that affirm bodies, genders and relationships in all of their diversity through:
    • Respectful inclusive language
    • Bodily autonomy
  • affirm and abide by the Constitution of the National LGBTI Health Alliance

Organisations that are members of the Alliance work from within a framework that supports social and human rights and are representative of our communities and their needs.

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