MindOUT! Champions Project

MindOut Champions

Established in 2013, the MindOUT Champions project works to improve the capacity of the mental health and suicide prevention organisations to identify, respond and address the mental health and wellbeing needs of LGBTI people.

A pilot of the project with 11 organisations over 10 months in 2013-14 resulted in the development of Championing Inclusion: A Guide to creating LGBTI inclusive organisations, which provides a framework for organisations wishing to instigate a LGBTI Champions project across a diverse range of workplaces and groups, including mental health and suicide prevention services and organisations.

This framework utilises an ‘LGBTI champion’ who is an identified person within an organisation who is tasked with assisting the organisation to optimise its service delivery to LGBTI people by ensuring that the service is responsive, inclusive and safe.

Project partners within the Champions project have contributed significantly to more inclusive mental health and suicide prevention policies, services, and programmes for LGBIT people and communities.

Current Champion Project Partners