MindOUT Training: Equal, not the same

A training session provided by the MindOUT! Project.

Target Audience:

  • Service Managers in mainstream mental health & suicide prevention organisations
  • Clinical Managers or supervisors
  • Workers in mental health, community health, primary health, social and community services, education

About this workshop:

The over-representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people living with a mental illness or have died by suicide indicate the need for mainstream mental health and suicide prevention organisations to ensure that their services and programmes are LGBTI inclusive. A common view held within services is that there is no need for targeted programmes for specific populations as the service “treats everyone the same.” This workshop will define clearly what is meant by inclusive practice for LGBTI people and put forward a rationale for the need for mainstream services to intentionally consider their responsiveness to LGTBI populations. The workshops will look at inclusiveness from the perspectives of:

  • Organisational Inclusiveness
  • Clinical Practice
  • Mental Health Promotion and Prevention Programmes

After this workshop participants will:

  • Have a working knowledge of the principles of cultural competence and cultural safety as applied to LGBTI persons
  • Assess current service delivery against key principles, criteria and recommended actions for LGBTI inclusiveness to their service provision
  • Be familiarised with the considered practice wisdom in delivering clinical and support services to LGBTI people
  • Apply an LGBTI lens and analysis to mental health promotion theory and programme delivery