MindOUT! Training: Rainbow Blues

A training session provided by the MindOUT! Project.

Target Audience:

  • LGBTI community leaders
  • LGBTI persons
  • Partners, friends and family of LGBTI persons living with depression

About this workshop:

While depression and anxiety is generally becoming a more common experience in people’s lives, for LGBTI people the rates of depression and anxiety are significantly higher. Designed specifically for LGBTI populations, this workshop provides some insights into understanding depression and anxiety, why it seems to affect more LGBTI people; helpful hints on living with depression and how to support someone who is depressed or has an anxiety disorder.

  • Increase your knowledge about depression and anxiety and how it impacts on a person’s well-being and their ability to function
  • Understand how our lived experience of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex depression and anxiety
  • Be equipped with strategies on how to live with depression or anxiety
  • Feel more confident and competent in supporting someone who is depressed

Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Sad, Miserable or Depressed: What’s the Difference
  • Angst or Anxious – What to do when anxiety becomes intrusive in our daily living
  • Depressed but not defeated: Strategies for living with depression
  • Being there: Supporting those we care about who live with depression