MindOUT! Training: From Dying to Thriving

A training session provided by the MindOUT! Project.

Target Audience:

  • LGBTI community leaders, volunteers
  • LGBTI persons

About this workshop:
The suicide of someone has a devastating impact on all those connected. It is known that for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people, suicide is far more common than in the broader population. While challenging there are things that we in the LGBTI community can do. Designed specifically for LGBTI populations, this workshop addresses what can be done at the community and individual levels to prevent suicide in our communities.

By attending the workshop you will gain a greater understanding of the factors that lead to poor mental health and suicide for LGBTI people and learn skills that will help you to:

  • Be more comfortable in discussing suicide or being with someone who is experiencing suicidal thinking
  • Respond confidently to someone who is experiencing major psychological distress or suicidal thinking
  • Feel safe and more competent when supporting someone who is suicidal

Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Suicide in LGBTI people – What is it and how is it explained
  • Stuffing up but not stuffing off: How we get through difficult times. The roles of compassion, forgiveness and problem solving for people in crisis
  • Look: What to look for if you are concerned about someone
  • Ask: How to bring up the topic of suicide in a safe way
  • Act: What to do if you are concerned about someone’s well-being or safety
  • Care: Supporting those we care about who are suicidal
  • Who do you call? Further support for those are in suicidal crisis