MindOUT! Webinars

Network MindOUT Webinar Series

This exciting and innovative series of webinars that critically engages with topics relevant to understanding mental health and suicide prevention for LGBTI people.

In each webinar, the presenter will speak for 40 minutes on a topic pertinent to LGBTI mental health and suicide prevention, followed by a Q&A session.

Webinar participants are able to watch the presenter through a videolink and ask questions via an instant message program.

Webinars are recorded, and are able to be watched at any time. Please note, Due to technical difficulties not all webinars were able to be recorded.

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Date Topic Title Presenter Recording  Slides
12th May 2020 Affirmative Practice Affirmative Practice during COVID-19

Stevie Lane Amelia Arnold

24th March 2020 Bisexual+  Real Visible Here: The impact of Bisexual+ invisibility on mental health  Misty Farquhar View  
19th November 2019 Queer Muslims Being LGBTIQ+ and Muslim in Sydney Sydney Queer Muslims View  
17th September 2019 Peer support, case study 25 years of LGBTQ+ peer support Bfriend View  
16th July 2019 Resilience Building Resilience: Working and Belonging in the LGBTI Community

Jaini Shah and Sandra Norman

26th June 2019 Cultural Diversity Black and Brown Queers: Pushing back on the Whiteness of Multiculturalism

Bobuq Sayed

15th April 2019  Mental Illness and Suicide Communicating about Mental Illness and Suicide in LGBTI Communities

Brydie Jameson

View Slides
18th Mar 2019 Suicide Prevention Reflections from the Brisbane North PHN LGBTI Suicide Prevention Trial

Ged Farmer

19th Feb 2019 Intersex Building Intersex Peer Support

Cody Smith

View Slides
22nd Nov 2018  Transgender A Critical Development Approach to Working with Transgender and Non-Binary Young People

Damien Riggs

View Slides
18th Sept 2018  Practice Skills Affirmation in Action: A Conversation about LGBTIQ+Affirmative Practice

Chris Pye

17th July 2018 Disability Intersectional Identities: LGBTIQ people with Disabilities

Jax Jacki Brown

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19th June 2018 Inclusive Practice Developing LGBTIQ Inclusive Practice within Mainstream Mental Health Service

Katie Larsen

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15th May 2018 CALD Culturally and Linguistically Diverse LGBTI People

Dr Judy Tang

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20th March 2018 GP Support GPs Role in Supporting LGBTI Mental Health

Dr Ruth McNair

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20th February 2018 Mental Health Introduction to LGBTI Mental Health

Sally Morris

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21st November 2017 Trans Young People Barriers to Healthcare Experienced by Trans young People

Penelope Strauss

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26th September 2017 Self Injury Nonsuicidal Self-Injury within LGB Communities

Madeline Wishart

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15 August 2017 Young People LGBTIQ+ Young People’s Mental Health Help Seeking and Digital Cultures

Paul Byron

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20 June 2017 Rural, Regional and Remote Transgender People in the Northern Territory

Dr Stephen Kerry

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28 March 2017 Strategy Implementation Online Panel Discussion: The Progression of LGBTI Populations within Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Strategy, Policy and Programmes

Atari Metcalf

Cristyn Davies

Dr Jude Comfort

14 March 2017 Suicide Prevention An Australian First: Research Factors Related to Suicide Death in LGBT People: Implications for Practice Dr Delaney Skerrett View Slides
7 March 2017 Strategy Implementation An Introduction to the LGBTI Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Strategy Sally Morris & Ross Jacobs View Slides
14 February 2017 Support Groups Facilitating an Anxiety Support Group for LGBTI People Owen O’Neil & Stephanie Hunt View Slides
24 January 2017 Gatekeeper Training Considerations when Providing Mental Health First Aid to an LGBTIQ Person Dr Kathy Bond View Slides
6 December 2016 Intersex Intersex Human Rights: Addressing Harmful Practices and Rhetoric of Change Morgan Carpenter View Slides
23 November 2016 Intersex Understanding Intersex Bonnie Hart View Slides
8 November 2016 Cultural Diversity Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for LGBTIQ people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds Dr Anthony Mordini View Slides
11 October 2016 Autism Spectrum Disorder Sexuality and Gender Diversity in Autism Spectrum Disorder Rita George View Slides
20 September 2016  Alcohol and Drugs  LGBTI People, Alcohol and Drugs and Mental Health  Jeremy Wiggins View  Slides