MindOUT Youth Project


MindOUT Youth Project had the aims of increasing the capacity of organisations, services and groups that provide support to LGBTI young people to document the outcomes of the work they deliver at a local level to support the development of practice informed evidence for working with LGBTI young people in early intervention and suicide prevention. This evidence was then collated to form a national evidence base and is the basis of this report.

The project was established as a time-limited initiative to capture a standard baseline of data from participating LGBT youth groups, services and organisations across all areas of Australia. This included the participation of organisations working in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.

An expression of interest for participation in the project was distributed to the member organsations of the National LGBTI Health Alliance, which comprises of organisations whose core mission and business involves delivering services to LGBTI people and communities, to identify partners interested in particpating in the MindOUT! Youth project.

From this process, 10 responses were received. The project proposals that were received covered a diverse range of projects, programs and activities, all of which were developed in collaboration with young people accessing the programs and services. Consequently, these 10 organisations formed the group that progressed with the project.

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