NAIDOC Week Organisation: Sisters and Brothers NT

As part of NAIDOC Week 2017 we are celebrating some amazing organisations who do awe inspiring work across Australia and the Torres Strait. Please take a moment to learn about their work and listen to their stories and needs. 


Brother Boys & Sister Girls NTSisters and Brothers NT 

Sisters & Brothers NT is an advocacy and support group that celebrates gender, intersex and sexuality diversity. Their aim is to create a society where diversity is respected and understood across cultures. By providing a safe space for Sistergirls, Brotherboys, Indigenous and non-Indigenous LGBTIQ people to come together, they develop stronger communities, create social change and address issues of racism, sexism, homophobia and gender inequality.

Sisters & Brothers NT :

  • Advocate for gender, sex and sexuality diversity in the NT, with a strong focus on communities and individuals whom are marginalised or living in remote areas.
  • Advocate for and/or deliver educational forums to engage elders, communities and families about gender, sex and sexuality diversity.
  • Advocate for inclusive service provision for Sistergirl/Brotherboy, LGBTIQ people in remote communities with a holistic health approach
  • Act as a consultative body on gender, sex and sexuality diverse identities in the NT for the media, service providers, the community and policy makers.
  • Promote cross cultural exchange and inclusion by actively working together. Through the process of reconciling, within ourselves and with others, we create greater harmony in our community.
  • Promote art/performance of Sistergirls/Brotherboy GLB people.
  • Provide education surrounding the strong cultural practises of Sistergirls/Brotherboys GLB people.
  • Provide peer support for young GLBTI people.
  • Advocate for the mental health and wellbeing needs, including suicide prevention initiatives for gender, sex and sexuality diversity in the NT.

In their own words: 

Brotherboys are Indigenous transgender people with a male spirit, whose bodies were considered female at birth. Brotherboys choose to live their lives as male, regardless of which stage/path medically they choose. Brotherboys have a strong sense of their cultural identity.

Sistergirls are Aboriginal transgender women (assigned male at birth) who have a distinct cultural identity and often take on female roles within the community, including looking after children and family. Many Sistergirls live a traditional lifestyle and have strong cultural backgrounds. Their cultural, spiritual, and religious beliefs are pivotal to their lives and identities.

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