National LGBTI Aged Care Awareness Training Project – An Overview

Online training:

A convenient online module is available to give staff an introduction to the core principles of working in an inclusive way with older lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex (LGBTI) people. This training covers the basics and complements the face-to-face training that is also available through our state-based project partners.

To register for the online module follow this link:

Project History:

In December 2012 the Australian Government released the first National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy. This Strategy, the first of its kind in the world, considers a number of goals including the need for training for Australia’s aged care workforce. The Strategy is available at

The Australian Department of Health and Ageing (now managed by Department of Social services) have provided funding to the National LGBTI Health Alliance to co-ordinate a national training project in LGBTI awareness for the aged care sector.

The aim of the Project is to deliver a national rollout of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) aged care awareness training to a broad range of residential and other aged care providers and/or associated aged care staff.

ACON were contracted to develop and deliver the train the trainer materials and will provide the train the trainer training. In addition they also developed an online introductory module for the LGBTI Awareness Training. Access the eLearning module.

The project objectives include:

  • Develop a sustainable, appropriate and effective training model and structures (through train the trainer and other on-line mechanisms) to facilitate locally delivered LGBTI aged care awareness training.
  • Maintain the quality, validity and fidelity of the training program, in particular the aged care and LGBTI sector partnership approach.
    • Provide ongoing review and evaluation of the training material to enable it to be adapted and be evaluated against evolving LGBTI and aged care sector needs.
    • Train, support and embed a pool of LGBTI aged care champions within aged care provider organisations to facilitate the reach and sustainability of the training model.
    • Increase the number of aged care providers, facilities and stakeholders who are LGBTI aware and sensitive, have awareness materials and incorporate LGBTI inclusive practices within their person centred models of care.

There are three components to the Project:

1) National management

The Project is being managed by the Alliance under contract with DoHA. The Alliance is responsible for managing the overall funding, sub-contracts and reporting back to DoHA. A Steering Committee has been established for general oversight of the Project.

2) Train-the-trainer

Under the contract the conduct of train-the-trainer is the responsibility of ACON. In conjunction with Aged and Community Services ACT, ACON developed and piloted the original training package. Some training has already taken place in Sydney and some in other capital cities.

3) Training

The training will be conducted by State/Territory organisations.

The following organisations will be responsible for delivering the training to their local Aged care services

Queensland – QuAC
Northern Territory – NTAHC
Victoria – Trans Gender Victoria (TGV) and GLHV
Tasmania – in partnership Working it Out and TasCAHRD
South Australia – Uniting Communities
Western Australia – GLBTI Rights in Ageing (GRAI)
NSW/ACT the training will be conducted by ACON.

This project will continue until 30 June 2017.