National LGBTI Health Alliance Welcomes Royal Commission into Aged Care


17 September 2018 

National LGBTI Health Alliance Welcomes Royal Commission into Aged Care

The National LGBTI Health Alliance welcomes the announcement yesterday by the Federal Government of a Royal Commission into aged care, noting that the current significant reforms already underway to improve safety and quality of aged care must continue without delay.

The Executive Director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Health Alliance, Nicky Bath said that as the peak body representing LGBTI organisations, peoples and communities, we look forward to participating in the inquiry and ensuring the voices of diverse Australians are heard.

“People who have diverse sexualities, relationships, bodies and genders face particular issues as they age, and they face specific barriers to accessing aged care. Many of our older LGBTI Australians have faced a lifetime of discrimination and abuse and they fear this will continue on accessing aged care.”

Silver Rainbow, the Alliance’s aged care program has been working with the Commonwealth Government for some time to recommend improvements in the delivery of aged care to LGBTI older people and to make aged care more inclusive.

“The Alliance acknowledges that there are many aged care providers who are delivering quality care and we welcome the rigour a Royal Commission will bring to examining the aged care sector as a whole”.

All older Australians deserve to be treated with respect and to receive high quality care. They have the right to control their lives and to make decisions about their care, and to feel safe when they are frail and vulnerable.

The Alliance welcomes the multi-partisan support given to the Royal Commission and looks forward to assisting with the process in any way we can”.

The Alliance also welcomes the Government’s commitment to consultation on the terms of reference and will contribute to those discussions based on the information that our members provide.

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