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The LGBTI Health Alliance: What’s in a name?

Our History: Launched in 2007, the organisation now known as the LGBTI Health Alliance has undergone continuous change and development. The ‘Alliance’ emerged from a strong intention to bring together the many diverse voices that held wisdom about LGBTI health in Australia: including populations, practitioners, researchers, service providers and government.

Our founding members recognised that this would support the health of LGBTI people and communities by enabling exchange, shared learnings and resources, facilitating participation in national conversations, and providing LGBTI organisations with access to federal funding opportunities.

Our Alliance Structure: An ‘Alliance’ is an agreement between groups to work together in order to achieve something that they all want. Our Alliance is a unique network of relationships that cross sectors and communities and our members are all working towards meeting the health needs of LGBTI people.

The Alliance remains the only national, membership-based, LGBTI health organisation. The unique breadth of our membership now spans sectors of LGBTI Health, ageing & aged care, mental health, research, government, and primary care. This robust ‘alliance’ structure, embedded in our constitution, facilitates the efficient delivery of innovative inter-organisational projects. 

Our relationship with government: The LGBTI Health Alliance was launched in 2007 by the Parliamentary Friends of LGBTI people. The Alliance takes a non-partisan approach to working with those who govern. As a health organisation, our aim is to support each government to efficiently provide health services and policies that meet the needs of LGBTI populations. We are also grateful to the range of governments who have supported the Alliance with funding.

Our project partners:

One of the major roles of the Alliance is to function as an inter-organisational coordinating body for LGBTI organisations throughout Australia.

We are proud to report that during the past two years, more than 50% of the funding received by the Alliance has been distributed to our partner organisations.

Recognising the limited resources of many organisations in the LGBTI Health sector this distribution of funds is also accompanied by essential operational, communications, and policy support. We call this our ‘secretariat’ support and it helps to prevent duplication of services, and ensures that our collective impact is greater than any single organisation could achieve. 

At any given time that Alliance is working closely with a huge number of stakeholders. Much of this work runs alongside our funded projects and includes:

  • Researchers developing and reviewing projects
  • Businesses designing inclusive practice models and systems
  • Services requiring training and education
  • Policy and communications managers across sectors
  • Populations with little or no funding (i.e. indigenous sistergirls and brotherboys, intersex people)


Formal partnerships as at 2016

We are proud to be working towards the health and wellbeing of our country alongside these amazing organisations.

Secretariat Projects
Offering operations, communications, policy and research support. Coordinating collaboration.

Secretariat Stats


LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care Projects [Silver Rainbow]

Stats from Silver Rainbow

Some of the Silver Rainbow Project Partners meetings at Health in Difference 2015



Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Project [mindOUT]

mindout stats
Some of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners

Some of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners


Indigenous Project



eMental Health Projects [QLife]

QLife Stats


  • Diverse Voices
  • Switchboard
  • Living Proud
  • Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW

Regional volunteers [Regional Connect]

  • Diverse Voices
  • Switchboard
  • Living Proud
  • Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW