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The Alliance provides a national voice on policy related to the health and wellbeing of people with same-gender attractions and/or relationships, people of trans experience, and people with intersex variations.

We work collaboratively with a wide variety of stakeholders to produce evidence-based policy. As an ‘alliance’ we rely on our membership to contribute their ideas, inspiration, experience, and expertise to the policy process.

Informed: Evidence includes both findings from peer-reviewed research and direct input from our diverse individual and organisational members across Australia. We value these grassroots voices as an important source of evidence that can document needs and concerns that have not been addressed in formal research.

We conduct national consultations of our members for input into our formal submissions when time permits. We actively encourage members to raise nationally relevant, health-related concerns with us for consideration. If you wish to get involved, contact our Manager of Research & Policy.

Inclusive: Our goal is for our work to be as broadly inclusive of as many population groups as possible during any given year. We maintain the ability to fluidly shift the focus of our work in response to timely opportunities, current events, and requests from member organisations.

Dynamic: As a result of this responsiveness, there may be times when we appear to focus more on a particular population at any given moment. However, over the course of the year, we strive for balance in prioritising the needs of each population within the Commonwealth-recognised category of ‘LGBTI’.

Membership: If you are interested in supporting our Research & Policy team, we recommend that you become a member of the Alliance. Click here for more information about membership.