QLife Volunteers acknowledged with award for national excellence in suicide prevention!

Suicide Prevention Australia today announced that QLife (www.qlife.org.au) will be recognised with a LiFE Award for excellence in suicide prevention. This award recognises an individual, group/network or organisation that has increased the suicide prevention capacity of communities through the provision of quality services.

“On behalf of QLife 300+ volunteers around Australia we are thrilled to have our collective work seen and affirmed. We know that the difference we make to the health and wellbeing of the people who contact us is immediate: they dial the number, or message our webchat, and right away there is a connection and recognition from someone with lived experiences similar to theirs.”

Stella Topaz, QLife National Project Manager

With this award we celebrate and thank hundreds of volunteers who answer the questions, listen to the concerns and affirm the experiences of tens of thousands of Australians 365 days a year.  These are the people who are willing to lean in to the conversations about shame, loneliness, isolation, hostility and fear.  They are people who bring themselves to every conversation as a peer and as a person who can offer hope and support in conversations that are often full of secrets, full of hopes and full of fears.

We also honour those who took the first steps to bring this amazing service to life. Those who recognised the inequalities, those who chose to face discrimination head on and who created a place where people could ‘Talk it Out’. It is a day for thanking all of the volunteers over the past 40 years, who have refused to be silenced by the messages of intolerance that would seek to continue to harm our communities.

We know as a group of people who are living with inequality in our country, that much still needs to be done to address the negative mental health impacts of our lived experiences. We also know, in receiving this award, that we are not doing it alone, and we would ask you to join our volunteers in working towards creating a place where all of lives are affirmed, are counted, are equal.

Susan Ditter, Chair of the National LGBTI Health Alliance adds that: “Long before this national project came into being, volunteers at our partner organisations were working tirelessly to provide essential services to their communities. Coming together as a national project we have been able to respond effectively to a dramatic increase in demand across Australia. I recognise and thank those people who give so much as QLife volunteers and partner organisations to providing such a valued grassroots service.”

“Connection, recognition, and peer-to-peer support are all vitally important for mental health. QLife provides all of this and more during these times of intensive social change.”


QLife is a partnership between the following organisations:

Diverse Voices (Queensland)
Living Proud (Western Australia)
Switchboard VIC
Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW
The National LGBTI Health Alliance


Media inquiries contact: Alliance Executive Director Rebecca.reynolds@lgbtihealth.org.au 

The History of QLife

QLife is Australia’s national counselling and referral service for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) people. QLife brings together four state-based partner organisations with National LGBTI Health Alliance. Read more about the collective history of this project here.