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The LGBTI Health Pledge Campaign

As part of the #LGBTIHealthPledge campaign, we’ll be providing #LGBTI inclusive practice tips daily. Today’s tip is for services with TGD clients!

Blues to Rainbows report asked 188 trans and gender diverse young people their reasons for not seeing a health care professional. Among the reasons were fears that they wouldn’t be understood (33%), the language used by health professionals made them feel uncomfortable or angry (23%), and negative past experiences (30%).

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3rd National Roundtable on LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care

  Thirty-five delegates attended the 3rd National Roundtable and the collective wisdom produced some clear directions for the Alliance to work towards in the ageing and aged care space. This report highlights the key recommendations from the workshops on the Royal Commission into Aged Care and the Roundtable Objectives.

SUBMISSION: Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

The National LGBTI Health Alliance placed this 1st submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety to help inform the diversity hearings in October 2019 held in Melbourne. We will continue to place submissions and policy recommendations throughout the process of the Royal of Commission.

Health in Difference 2018 Conference Handbook

This is the conference handbook for the 10th Health in Difference Conference. The conference was held in Redfern (NSW) on the 11-13th of April 2018. For more information please visit

Aged Care Diversity Framework

The Framework is a high-level document that provides guidance to service providers, consumers, government and peak bodies on how to adequately address the specific needs of all people with diverse characteristics and life experiences.

The design of the Framework ensures that Aged Care embraces diversity and is truly inclusive of all people. The Framework follows on from the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy which completed in June 2017. The initial Strategy was developed with key recommendations from the National Roundtable on LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care, formed of LGBTI organisations and community leaders. In the review of the Strategy, respondents strongly stated that the goals should continue in future aged care reforms, such as the Aged Care Diversity Framework which launched on Dec 6, 2017 by the Hon Minister Ken Wyatt in Canberra.

LGBTI Health Update

LGBTI Health Update, Vol.4 No.9, Dec 2014

Inside this issue: Alliance Annual Report 2013-2014 Conference: Health in Difference 2015 – Save the Date! New Resource: Champions of Inclusion Consultation: Human Rights Commission – Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Intersex Rights Expressions of Interest: Alliance Board Vacancy (QLD)

LGBTI Health Update

LGBTI Health Update, Vol.4 No.8, Nov 2014: Ageing & Aged Care

This issue of LGBTI Health Update focuses on Ageing & Aged Care: Ageing and aged care Transgender Victoria (TGV) reflect on the Aged Care Training Project News From Tasmania: Promoting the National Aged Care Training Package Formation of a new LGBTI Carer Services Network UnitingCare – Authentic commitment to LGBTI Communities: Celebrating and Welcoming Diversity… Continue reading LGBTI Health Update, Vol.4 No.8, Nov 2014: Ageing & Aged Care »