Census Inclusion: Last Chance To Respond

Dear community members,

Now is our last chance to argue the case for LGBTI inclusion in the 2021 Census.

We ask that all Australians to join us in advocating for the inclusion of these questions.

The Process

The draft Census and Statistics Amendment (Statistical Information) Regulations 2019 was released recently. Its purpose is to amend the Census and Statistics Regulation 2016 to update the list of topics in relation to which the Statistician shall collect statistical information in the 2021 Census. 

While draft regulations include the addition of Australian Defence Force service and chronic illness to the list of new topics, it has omitted sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status.

The Department of Treasury is holding a consultation process, asking for submissions in response to the draft by Friday 10 January. You can read more about this process on the department’s website.

The Response

To enable any individual to make a submission, we have prepared this template  – simply download the Last-Chance-Template-2021-Census-LGBTIHealthAlliance.docx, fill or edit as required, and send to 2021CensusRegulations@treasury.gov.au

We ask that anyone emailing the department copy in info@lgbtihealth.org.au – ensure that you ask for your submission to be made publicly available on the Treasury website. Together we can show just how strong the support is for collecting data on LGBTI populations in Australia.

We thank you for supporting your LGBTI community members, and the Alliance’s campaign to count LGBTI people in the 2021 Census. Together we’ve seen great success in raising the profile of this issue. We’ve gained support from many organisations from parliamentarians and departments, and we will continue to advocate for the same access to data and service-improvement as other Australians enjoy. 

Thank you again for supporting the Alliance on this key issue.





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