LGBTI Health 2013: people, profiles and perspectives

LGBTI Health 2013

This report provides a summary of the most important health issues facing LGBTI Australians in 2013.

  • A summary of the nine main issues facing or affecting the health of LGBTI Australians.
  • Identifies seven key proposals for practical action that will help improve the health of LGBTI Australians.
  • A tool to quickly identify the top health priorities important to health and wellbeing of LGBTI Australians.

LGBTI Health 2013 – Summary Version

About this document

All of us aspire to good health for all Australians. Good health enables us, as individuals, families and communities, to lead happy and fulfilling lives. As LGBTI Australians we have the same ambitions for good health, happiness, fair treatment and financial security, as do other Australians.

This publication aims to spell out the range of practical solutions to health issues affecting LGBTI Australians. This document, LGBTI Health 2013, spells out in detail the practical ways to address the health issues in the Plan. The Alliance is committed to redressing health inequities.

We know this document will assist a range of individuals and organisations. In particular we believe that health authorities and various decision-makers in health policy, including Members of Parliament, will be provided clear areas for action.

Although there are many health challenges outlined in the following pages, the message is one of hope and capacity. LGBTI individuals and communities already make strong contributions to achieving better health and building resilience.
This document is about people – it’s about people who happen to be LGBTI, facing particular health challenges. There is every reason to believe that if we listen and work together, we can achieve good health for all Australians. We can include lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people in this vision. I encourage you to join us in this important work.

– Susan Ditter, Chairperson.

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