LGBTI Health Update, Vol.3 No.9, Nov 2013

LGBTI Health Update

The November edition of the LGBTI Health Update has been released. This month we explore intersex, trans and gender diversity in Australia.

  • Editorial: New Directions in best practice for intersex, trans and gender diverse people’s health – G. Ansara
  • Keynote Speech at the Geelong Forum on Healthcare Pathways for Intersex, Trans and Gender Diverse Young People – Susanne Prosser
  • ‘What the Geelong Forum meant to me…’(A young persons response) – Cannon O’Saurus
  • Reflections on the Geelong Forum on Healthcare Pathways for Intersex, Trans and Gender Diverse Young People – Geogie Foster
  • Gender Identity and Health Care Experiences in Australia – Dr Damien W. Riggs
  • Fifteen Recommendations from the October 2013 Australian Senate Community Affairs References Committee Report on Involuntary or Coerced Sterilisation of Intersex People in Australia
  • Surgical Needs of Some Trans Men in Australia – Andrew Guy
  • Letter to Alliance Members, and Friends regarding resignation of Warren Talbot (Alliance Executive Director) – Susan Ditter

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