MindOUT Webinar: Understanding Intersex

Network MindOUT

This webinar session is aimed to develop individual practitioner and organisational capacity to understand and provide inclusive psychosocial services to their clients with intersex variations. Participants will learn about the range of different topics including: 

  • Intersex: bodily variations, sexuality and gender identities 
  • Intersectionality of intersex issues
  • Experiences and impacts of isolation, stigma and discrimination 
  • Human Rights implications 
  • Disclosure and self-awareness
  • Inclusive language 
  • Current context of intersex healthcare pathways
  • Service access and inclusive practice

Bonnie Hart is a leading intersex advocate, XY woman and the President of the AIS Support Group Australia (AISSGA), a peer-based support group for intersex people and their families.  Bonnie is also an an interdisciplinary artist and artsworker, self-professed ‘acca-dacca-demic’ and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychology. 

Bonnie Hart from AISSGA is available for up-to-date training, education, consulting and policy review on people with Intersex variations. Contact: Bonnie Hart bonnie@aissga.org.au



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