Network MindOUT Webinar: Barriers to Health Care Experienced by Trans Young People

Network MindOUT

This webinar will outline the issues faced by trans young people accessing medical and mental health services in Australia. These will be drawn directly from the experiences described in the Trans Pathways study, which is the largest survey that has ever been conducted on the mental health and experiences with medical and mental health services in Australia of trans and gender diverse young people. Both trans young people (aged 14-25) and parents of trans young people (child aged 25 or younger) completed surveys that asked both closed and open-ended questions on their experiences. In this webinar I will discuss why it is important to address these issues that trans young people have with services, by looking at associations between mental health and service inaccessibility.


Penelope Strauss holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Western Australia (UWA) and is a currently a PhD student at UWA and Telethon Kids Institute. She has an overarching interest in equity issues and has a background in the area of refugee and migrant health. Her current research focus is the poor mental health and barriers to accessing services in trans young people. Penelope has recently led the Trans Pathways project, which is the largest study conducted on the mental health of trans young people in Australia.

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