Network MindOUT Webinar: Developing LGBTIQ Inclusive Practice Within A Mainstream Mental Health Service

Network MindOUT

National mainstream mental health service providers have a particular responsibility to develop strategies, projects and policies that move beyond ‰’treating everyone the same‰’, to consider the unique circumstances of oppression, marginalisation and discrimination that can impact the access of marginalised people and communities to services.

This presentation will draw on Neami National‰’s experience to consider how generic mental health services can play a fundamental role in improving the wellbeing of people who identify as LGBTIQ through developing and implementing strategies that promote culturally safe and inclusive practice, including some of the challenges, positive outcomes and key learnings we have experienced in cultivating LGBTIQ inclusive practice.

Katie Larsen is the Manager of Innovation and Projects at Neami National. Katie is passionate about enhancing mainstream mental health service provision so that it better addresses unique barriers to access for marginalised communities. Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and Master of Social Work.

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