Network MindOUT Webinar: LGBTIQ+ Young People’s Mental Health Help Seeking and Digital Cultures

Network MindOUT

This webinar considers how health services, including mental health services, could better accommodate the needs of young people with diverse gender and sexual identities. Findings from the LGBTIQ Help-Seeking E-Tool project (2015-2016) will be discussed, particularly those outlined in the ‘You learn from each other’ report released this year. This was a joint project between community organisations (Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW; Freedom Centre) and universities (Curtin University; Western Sydney University), that sought to engage with LGBTIQ+ young people’s mental health help seeking experiences and needs, and how digital media could improve young people’s connections to support. This webinar considers how project findings and recommendations might be taken up by health and community services and staff, and the limits of digital media interventions. No simple solutions are offered, but audience members are invited to contribute their own expertise and suggestions in a discussion that follows the presentation. 

Byron, P., Rasmussen, S., Wright Toussaint, D., Lobo, R., Robinson, K., Paradise, B. 2017. ‘You learn from each other’: LGBTIQ Young People’s Mental Health Help-seeking and the RAD Australia Online Directory. Western Sydney University & Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, Sydney. Available at

Paul Byron worked at Twenty10 as a research officer on the LGBTIQ Help-Seeking E-Tool project. His research interests include informal knowledge networks among gender and sexuality diverse young people (particularly Tumblr use), digital friendship intimacies, and health promotion’s engagement with digital media cultures. He teaches gender studies (UTS; Macquarie University), and is part of the Scrolling Beyond Binaries research team (

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