Submission to the Welfare System Taskforce – Welfare Review

A submission to the welfare review being conducted by the Welfare System Taskforce. The submission focussed on nine key issues related to the welfare reform needs of LGBTI individuals, families, and communities in Australia:

  1. The importance of an LGBTI-inclusive welfare review and reform framework:
  2. A minimum standard for an LGBTI-inclusive welfare review and reform framework;
    Acknowledgement of LGBTI people as ‘multiply disadvantaged’;
  3. Acknowledgement of Indigenous/Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as ‘multiply disadvantaged’;
  4. The impact of intersecting forms of marginalisation and discrimination;
  5. The economic impact of exclusionary determinations of ‘family’;
  6. Incentives to hire vs. incentives to work;
  7. LGBTI-inclusive research design and data analysis; and
  8. The impact of chronic health conditions and variable work capacity.

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