Working Therapeutically with LGBTI Clients: A Practice Wisdom Resource

Working therapeutically with LGBTI clients

This manual draws from the consulting room experience of a number of psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors who have worked with a broad range of sex, sexuality and gender diverse clients.

This document is not a formal set of clinical guidelines; there are already a range of these produced by national psychological associations and LGBTI organisations – a number of which are listed in the resources section of this guide. This is a collection of practice wisdom from the consulting room. Although at times we will refer to certain theories and to research done about the needs of LGBTI clients, this is primarily a resource that compiles the professional experiences of those working with LGBTI people.

It was written through a unique consultative process that involved workshops and interviews with some of Australia and New Zealand’s most experienced counsellors, psychologists and therapists working with LGBTI clients.

It is designed to assist a broad group of helping professionals who may want to work with LGBTI clients. It may be useful to psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, community workers or youth workers.

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