Silver Rainbow LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care funding renewed.

Silver Rainbow – LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care – funding renewed

The National LGBTI Health Alliance is pleased to announce that the Silver Rainbow National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Project has received a renewal of its funding from the Department of Health under the Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund.

This funding means that Silver Rainbow can continue its essential work providing national coordination and support activities promoting the well-being of LGBTI elders and the ongoing delivery of the LGBTI awareness training to the aged care sector.

Silver Rainbow was formed in 2013 to respond to the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy and works collaboratively with the government, aged care providers and related services, LGBTI elders and organisations to create an LGBTI inclusive aged care sector. We do this through providing policy and program advice to the Department of Health and the ageing and aged care sector and working in partnership with LGBTI organisations and individuals across Australia and internationally.

Silver Rainbow will work to develop and implement a range of activities, including: 

  • Ensuring the voices and needs of older LGBTI people, whether they are receiving aged care services or not, are heard, included and responded to within ageing and aged care discussions, policies and processes.
  • Supporting the needs of geographically isolated LGBTI people, their families and carers and recognise these needs in the delivery of aged care services
  • Engaging in national representation in government and non-government working and advisory groups, forums and alliances, including the National Aged Care Alliance, Aged Care Sector Committee, Aged Care Sector Committee Diversity Sub-Committee and Single Quality Standards Framework Technical Advisory Group
  • Continuing to promote LGBTI inclusive practice across the health and ageing and aged care sectors through broader sector leadership and coordination
  • Reviewing and updating the LGBTI awareness training so that it aligns with aged care reforms, is practical and enables aged care providers to understand and respond to the needs of people with diverse sexualities, relationships, genders and bodies
  • Continuing to deliver the LGBTI awareness training
  • And much more!

More information about the Silver Rainbow Project: 

Key Contact: 
Samantha Edmonds 
Silver Rainbow – National Project Manager