Silver Rainbow: Key achievements of the training project January 2014 – June 2016

Number of people trained (f2f), people trained (online), organisations engaged

  • Over 4500 people trained face to face
  • Held more than 320 training sessions delivered by 10 partner organisations Australia wide.
  • 1835 completions of the online training module
  • Over 700 aged care facilities and/or service outlets across Australia have had staff attend the face to face training.

Australian Aged Care Quality Agency

  • 218 assessors and reviewers trained across Australia
  • In collaboration with the aged care training project partners, the Silver Rainbow team developed and facilitated training for the Quality Agency in WA, SA, Qld, NSW and Victoria.

Materials review

  • Training material annually updated and reviewed to reflect changing needs and information
  • Manual was rewritten after community feedback and contribution from an Indigenous consultant on Indigenous LGBTI Brotherboy and Sistergirl elders and ageing.

Train the trainer

  • 61 trainers have been trained in partner organisations and their affiliates over 5 face to face train-the-trainer sessions

Champions engagement

  • Advance training to embed LGBTI inclusivity in ageing and aged care facilities
  • 59 people across 4 states trained
  • Further rollout in 2017-2018

Evaluation Reports: Participant Satisfaction and Impact Survey

The project is undergoing a multiphasic evaluation process.

Participant satisfaction:

In September 2015 3027 evaluations were analysed for participant satisfaction and the average results were:

  • Overall satisfaction 9.25/10
  • Value of the information 9.26/10
  • Likelihood of recommending the training to others 9.43/10

Knowledge acquired over the course of the workshop:

  • 6% increase in skills to provide person directed care to LGBTI elders (At the beginning of the workshop 41.2% felt they had the skills to provide person directed care to an LGBTI person, which had increased to 92.8% by the end of the workshop).
  • 36% increase in confidence to provide inclusive care to LGBTI elders (At the beginning of the workshop 60% of participants felt confident to provide inclusive care to LGBTI elders, at the end of the workshop this had increased to 96%.)

Impact survey

An Impact Survey was done of participants to measure the sustained impact of the training to individual work practices and in impacts in the work place.  The survey was sent to 2405 previous participants with a response rate of 30%.

Impact on individuals’ work practices:

In March 2016

  • 62% of respondents rated its impact on their work practices as significant or moderate, in the top three responses people indicated that they:
    • Had become more aware of the issues when working with clients (75.2%)
    • Had become more aware of the language they used (69.3%)

    • Had some workplace discussions about the issues (68.4%)

Impact on workplace:

  • 62% of respondents rated its impact on their workplace as significant or moderate, in the top three responses people indicated that they:
    • Were more aware of the issues when working with clients (74.4%)
    • Had further staff discussions about inclusiveness
    • Were using some of what they learnt from the training (58%)

Qualitative feedback received on the training:

“Honestly I wasn’t sure the need for this training (using respect for all – as thought process) and now totally understand the huge difference this group of people need.  The long term persecution, lack of legal understanding of their situation and relationships etc.  A change is very needed and I am very glad I am going to be part of this movement.” Monavale, NSW, ACON, 16/3/16

“I hadn’t really thought about the specific issue of LGBTI ageing issues.  Often in a rural community such issues aren’t discussed or even acknowledged.  Excellent presentation by a knowledgeable presenter.” Parkes, NSW, ACON, 3/2/2016

“The session gave me an insight to the level of discrimination that people from the LGBTI community have endured (and still endure).” Glengowrie, SA, Uniting Communities, 2/3/16

“I heard about this training a year ago and it came highly recommended, I am pleased that I have had the opportunity to take part. I feel I have been encouraged and have more confidence to address this topic with the people I support and indeed the colleagues I work with.” Belmont, WA, GRAI 12/10/2015

“Just wanted to say thanks for organising the LGBTI training today, it really was well worth it, I thought I knew a lot but realised I actually didn’t.  Great job, needs to be repeated to all other staff though I think.” Bayswater, Vic, Transgender Victoria, 19/5/2016

“It was awesome.  It has inspired me to join or be part of any gender identity wellness coordination within my workplace.  Thanks.” Rosny, Tas, Working It Out, 24/2/2016