Our staff

These are the staff who take take care of the day-to-day running of the Alliance and the various projects that the Alliance is working on.

Nicky Bath

Executive Director

Nicky Bath joined the Alliance in August 2018 as Executive Director and brings with her experience she gained from roles such as the Associate Director, LGBTI Health Programming and Development at ACON, Manager of the Harm Reduction and Viral Hepatitis Branch at the NSW Ministry of Health as well as several senior positions in State and National drug user organisations including CEO of the NSW Users and AIDS Association.

Prior to moving to Australia in 2000, Nicky worked as  the Manager of an innovative harm reduction service which was part of the National Health Service in London. During this time she was also involved in international work including projects commissioned by the World Health Organisation.

Nicky is committed to advancing the health and human rights of marginalised communities through co-design and working in partnership.



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Lucy Abbott

QLife National Project Manager

Lucy joined the National LGBTI Health Alliance in January 2018 as National Project Manager for QLife: a national LGBTI-specialist telephone and web counselling service.

Lucy has worked for 15 years in the Aboriginal mental health and drug and alcohol sectors, in both government and non-government agencies, with a recent focus on workforce support. She has a passion for, and commitment to, social justice, sustainability and wellbeing, and is excited to be working for her own community in this role. Lucy has a BA (Hons) in Third World Studies and Womens Studies.

Originally from the UK, Lucy has lived in Sydney for 23 years, except for one year spent in Alice Springs.

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Daniel Comensoli

Policy Officer
Daniel joined the Alliance in January 2018 as a Policy Officer. Prior to this, Daniel was actively involved in party politics, campaigning at the national and state level and working in the electorate office of a federal MP. He has also been responsible for some of marriage equality’s community outreach at the local level and has taken a keen interest in LGBTI policy reform. This led Daniel to volunteer for Australian Marriage Equality and the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby’s Policy Working Group, as well as joining the Equality Campaign team. 
Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from the University of Wollongong, a Master of Politics and Public Policy and a Master of Research from Macquarie University. During his university studies, Daniel conducted extensive research into a range of LGBTI policy issues within a legislative and human rights framework.
Through policy and advocacy, Daniel is passionate about working towards a society where LGBTI people and communities are free from stigma and discrimination in an effort to improve their overall health and wellbeing. 

Nina Dodd

Project Support Officer 

Nina is the Project Support Officer at the Alliance. They provide administrative and project support across the Alliance and manage membership and stakeholder relationships. Nina played a key role as part of the 2018 Health In Difference organising committee.

Nina has a background in arts administration and exhibition curation and experience facilitating art workshops for youth.

Nina currently volunteers for Camp Out and is training as a phone counsellor for LGBTI+ communities.



Samantha Edmonds

Silver Rainbow National Project Manager 

Sam joined the Alliance in July 2014. Prior to that Sam worked predominantly in the health and human rights fields and was part of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Team that conducted the Same-Sex: Same Entitlements Inquiry. Sam has worked at NCOSS as the Health Policy Officer and then as the Deputy Director of Policy and Communications. Sam has also worked in the disability sector, mental health employment, early childhood education and care and across a variety of policy portfolio areas including transport, domestic violence and criminal-justice. In addition to her work at the Alliance and her involvement in a number of national ageing and aged care forums she has been appointed to the Lay Members Panel of the Health Professionals Council Authority, is a member of the Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Consumer Advisory Group and a palliative care volunteer.

Sam holds a BA from Macquarie University, Master of Social Administration (University of Western Sydney), Master of Politics and Public Policy (Macquarie University) and Master of International Relations (Macquarie University). She also completed the Macquarie University Global Leadership Program.

Sam has a strong commitment to social justice and applies this in all areas of her professional and personal life.

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Ollie Hand

Silver Rainbow National Training Coordinator 

Ollie Hand is the LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Training Project Officer for the Health Alliance. Ollie has a long history of service delivery in the community sector in a variety of services including crisis accommodation services, drug and alcohol support services, drop-in services, and most recently as a teacher in an alternative education program

Ollie’s career trajectory began in health promotion as a swimming instructor, she then moved on to become a personal trainer after which she catapulted into a science degree in human biology. During the course of her studies Ollie started working in the community sector where she discovered her passion for working in fields that promote social justice. This lead Ollie to undertake a number of teaching qualifications which has landed her safely at the National LGBTI Health Alliance working with interesting and dynamic project partners across the country.


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Sonia Hoffmann

QLife Counselling Practice and Development Coordinator

Sonia Hoffmann

Sonia Hoffmann joined the Alliance in mid-2018 as our QLife Counselling Practice and Development Coordinator. It means a great deal to her to bring her knowledge and skills to make a contribution in this space.

She acknowledges the significant histories/herstories of work and people involved and appreciates being invited in to learn more of these stories as they are shared over time.

She is interested in bringing people together in ways which support sustainable practice, hope and justice-doing, particularly to make room for more marginalised voices to take space.

Sonia was born and spent much of her time as a youngin on Dharawal country, about an hour south west of Sydney, between the mountains and the sea, pretty flat and a bit hot. She now lives and works on Eora country – still Sydney, just a wee bit closer to the coast. She has tremendous gratitude to the traditional owners of this beautiful country for the care and is in awe of survival strategies employed – then and now – and is sorry they’ve been so required.

Her intention is to work in ways that are respectful and actively helpful and non-harmful. She brings a spirit of humility and working together and acknowledges the blinkeredness that experiences of privilege can bring.

Sonia has worked as a social worker and clinical supervisor for close to 20 years in a range of different contexts and ways, mostly in the community sector. Her practice includes counselling and facilitating groups, workshops and other collective work, as well as community-based projects, research, policy and some teaching.

She holds a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons 1) as well as qualifications in clinical supervision, training and assessment and has completed her Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work.

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Chris KamChris Kam

Finance & Operations Coordinator

Chris joined the Alliance in December 2013 as the Finance and Admin Officer. Chris has worked in the community sector for the past 6+ years and previously in the child care and hospitality fields. She has an interest in ageing and mental health.

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Giverny Lewis

National Coordinator, Education and Training Programs

Giverny has recently joined the Alliance as the National Coordinator: Education and Training Programs. Giverny has worked in the reproductive and sexual health sector for the past 7 years, taking up roles at Hunter New England Local Health District, ACON’s Women and Families Affected by HIV Project and has spent the past 4 years at Family Planning NSW. This work involved capacity-building with teachers and youth workers and leading the youth health promotion team to deliver evidence-based sex education and resources across NSW.

With a background in sociology, gender studies and adult education, Giverny is passionate about working across various health sectors to ensure inclusive practice.  

Giverny also currently works in private practice as a sex therapist and relationships counsellor and regularly appears on Triple J’s The Hook Up program.

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Heath Reed

National Coordinator, Stakeholder Engagement 

Heath has a strong background in community development, stakeholder engagement, and inclusive practice training. Heath has worked across sectors such as youth, disability, mental health, public health promotion and now ageing and aged care with Silver Rainbows. Heath loves to work collaboratively, share ideas and foster a professional community of meaningful work and support. Being a positive thinker, Heath always sees a possibility/ opportunity/ learning/ growth & development in every situation.

In addition to his work, Heath has participated on not-for-profit boards, worked with advocacy groups and volunteered in many community programs. He is passionate about increasing opportunities for LGBTI people to achieve good health, well-being and building resilience within communities.  


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Warren Summers

Warren Summers

Warren Summers joined the Alliance towards the end of 2011 as our Membership and Information Services Officer. During that that time he has had the opportunity to watch the Alliance grow from a staff of just three people, to the organisation that it is today.

Warren’s work at the Alliance brings together the Alliance’s many contributing voices and stakeholders – helping to facilitate inclusive conversations that support the development of policy and positive health outcomes. He works with all of the Alliance’s projects. Warren develops language, systems and branding for our website and publications. Warren holds a Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

(Currently on leave)

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Tarnia “Tarn” Lee

Qlife Capacity Building Manager

Tarnia joined the Alliance in July 2013 as the QLife capacity building manager.
Tarnia has worked in the alcohol and other drugs field for approximately 8 years. In her previous role Tarnia developed and managed an innovative consumer participation project involving both clients and staff in pharmacotherapy clinics across Australia.

Prior to this project Tarnia worked in ACON’s drug and alcohol project. In this role Tarnia recognised the need for improved and easily accessible mental health initiatives to support and improve the health of the LGBTI communities.

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Charlie Willbridge

MindOUT National Projects Officer

Charlie Willbridge joined the Alliance in 2015 as a project officer with the National Mindout project. They came to the role with extensive experience within the LGBTI sector as a specialist counsellor and youth worker with the NSW based service Twenty10 incorporating GLCS.  Charlie’s combined 20 years of experience in counselling, community work, health promotion and retail business and team management gives them a holistic approach to their work and a diverse understanding of issues affecting the social services, health and welfare sectors in Australia.

Charlie has studied at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and is currently undertaking post graduate studies in Public Health/Health Promotion.


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