Silver Rainbow: Strategy Project Achievements January 2014 – January 2016

Following are a list of some of the achievements of the Strategy Project over the last 2 years and some examples of current work.

1. Genders, Bodies and Relationships Passport

The Passport is a tool to support clear communication between people and organisations on topics related to their genders, bodies, and relationships. This information is critical in a wide variety of settings, including health care, ageing & aged care, police, law, housing and education.

The Passport was released in December 2015 and at March 2016 270 passports had been distributed to individuals and organisations.

2. Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council

Inclusion of LGBTI people in the core diversity subject – CHCDIV001: Work with Diverse People and the optional Diversity Subject – CHCDIV002: Manage and Promote Diversity. Both are units of the Health and Community Services Training Packages, which includes Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

533 Registered Training Organisations are approved to delivery CHCDIV001.

3. Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA)

Delivery of a 2.5hr continuing professional development session, for AACQA reviewers and assessors:

  • 63 in NSW
  • 39 in Qld
  • 35 in South Australia
  • 53 in Victoria
  • 28 in WA

 “The facilitators were exceptional in their delivery, knowledge and passion. I felt they shared the information with important historical data, context of the community in relation to entering a residential facility and with a lovely tenderness and grace. A wonderful and thought provoking session and continued with great discussion afterwards with staff that attended”.(Vic)

In the July edition of AACQA Quality Standard Newsletter AACQA clearly stated they will be asking services about their LGBTI inclusivity.

4. Palliative Care

In September 2015 the Alliance in partnership with Palliative Care Australia launched our joint  Position Statement on palliative Care for LGBTI people at the National Palliative Care Conference.

5. Creation of the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Network and the LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Advisory Group

The Network is a consultative forum for both the Alliance and for the Department of Health and has been engaged by the Alliance in all consultative documents that have been released for comment. Currently membership includes nearly 30 services and organisations from across Australia representing carers, aged care providers (small and large), home care providers, councils, LGBTI people and people living with HIV/AIDS. Individual members are from the Northern Territory, NSW, Queensland (also Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) and South Australia.

The Advisory Group consists of 13 LGBTI representatives from every state and territory, COTA, Leading Age Services Australia, the Alliance Board and academics. It provides advice to the Alliance on particular issues around ageing and aged care and their impact on LGBTI elders.

6. LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Clearinghouse

An online Clearinghouse of resources related to LGBTI elders and ageing and aged care.

The Clearinghouse available here –

7. Representation on Government, Aged Care and other Groups

Our role is to ensure that the particular needs of LGBTI elders are considered and included in all areas of discussion and work.

  • Quality Advisory Group
  • Standards Technical Advisory Group
  • Aged Care Complaint Commissioner’s Consultative Committee
  • National Aged Care Alliance
    • Various NACA Working Groups including Equity of Access
  • Home Support Advisory Group
  • Commonwealth Home Support Program Advisory Group
  • Home Care CDC Advisory Group
  • Carer Gateway Subject Matter Expert Working Group
  • COTA Consumer Engagement in Aged Care Reference Group
  • Australian Future of Aged Care Summit Advisory Panel
  • Val’s Café Conference Organising Committee

8. Promotion of the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy and the needs and issues of LGBTI elders

This is just a sample of some of the work we have done:

  • Special eDM with Aged Care Insite – circulated to 10,000+ contacts in the aged care industry
  • Worked with the ABC and SBS to source LGBTI elders for interview and examples of good inclusive practice in aged care
  • Meeting with Pink Media to discuss promotion of articles on LGBTI elders through LGBTI media
  • Opinion piece in the Star Observer
  • Radio
    • A number of Interviews on JoyFM
    • Radio Adelaide
    • 3CR
  • Articles in:
    • Public Health Association Newsletter
    • Feros Care Biannual magazine
    • NCAN
    • FECCA (Federation of Ethnic Community Councils of Australia) e-News,
    • Special LGBTI edition of the Australasian Journal of Ageing
    • Australian Ageing Agenda
    • Fusion (newsletter of Leading Age Services Australia)

9. Yearly reports on the implementation of the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy

Produced 2 reports on the implementation of the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy to assist the Department of Health achieve Goal 5.6 of the Strategy in providing an annual report. A further report will be produced at the end of 2016.

10. Ongoing engagement with other services

We have a key role in working with other agencies and groups on how they can meet the needs of LGBTI elders and to share best practice ideas. A sample of some of the organisations we have worked with includes:

  • Alzheimer’s Australia –sharing information
  • Australian Association of Gerentology – creating an online clearinghouse of projects and programs for LGBTI elders
  • Decision Assist – advice on LGBTI inclusion for their training
  • Leading Aged Services Australia – part of our LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Advisory Group

11. Ongoing education to the Ageing and Aged Care Sector

The Alliance has presented on LGBTI inclusive practice and the needs of LGBTI elders at numerous conferences. The presentations are interactive and challenge the assumptions and presumptions of service delivery. These presentations are always well received and result in follow-up from individuals and providers on how they can be more inclusive. After presenting at Better Practice Darwin we were directly invited to present at the 3rd International Indigenous Social Work Conference. Some of the Conferences we have presented at include:

  • Better Practice (in each state and territory) in 2015 and 2016
  • 3rd International Indigenous Social Work Conference
  • National Palliative Care Conference
  • Aged Care Procurement Conference
  • National Suicide Prevention Conference
  • National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Conference
  • Arts Health Retreat
  • Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference
  • Home Modifications Australia
  • International Federation on Ageing
  • Australian Future of Aged Care Summit