Submission: Future Design of the Aged Care System

The National LGBTI Health Alliance (the Alliance) welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Royal Commission on the future design of the aged care system. The entire aged care system needs to be re-designed so that LGBTI older people are at the centre of the system rather than resorting to ‘safety nets’ or adding things onto the system to make it inclusive.

This submission is informed by a co-design process involving the establishment of a Royal Commission Advisory Group with expert representatives of LGBTI communities and organisations across Australia, facilitated by the Alliance, and evidence from community consultations. Our responses will be informed by the Aged Care Charter of Rights and the Quality Standards, with a specific focus on diversity.

The Alliance would like to take this opportunity to reiterate its strong commitment to the Aged Care Diversity Framework and the corresponding Action Plans for consumers and providers.

Please see our submission below, and view summaries from all our submissions here.

We are also running 2 online surveys to inform our future submissions. One with general questions for people who may not be able to attend a face-to-face consultation and also one specifically aimed at the Bisexual communityPlease share these surveys in your social media and through your networks.

LGBTI Health Alliance: RC aged care submission 28012020